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Management Studies

Management Studies

About Us

Transform with SCAD MBA Program- get personalized attention and don’t get lost in the crowd.

An industry focused program with limited batch size with specializations offered in Marketing, HRM, Finance, Operations, International Business and Internet Business.

It has a concurrent curriculum developed in collaboration with industry experts, with new-age courses like Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Global Branding, Digital Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Challenges in HRM, Leadership, Cross Cultural Management, Business Ethics & Sustainability, Strategies for Emerging Markets, etc.

With the objectives of imparting high quality management education and training, SCAD COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY has established Department of Management Studies. It is recognized as premier management institutions, comparable to the best in the down south for teaching, research and interaction with industries.

Established in 2007, SCAD DOMS has been acting as a leader in the field of management education, interfacing with the industry, government sector and PSUs.

Situated atop a scenic hillock, the 300 acre campus of SCAD provides an ideal backdrop for contemplative learning. It has the latest in teaching aids, rich learning resources, a strong IT backbone, state-of-the-art sports complex and hostels as well as contemporary infrastructure.

Apart from building students’ IQ (Intelligence Quotient), SCAD DOMS concentrates on EQ (Emotional Quotient). The School’s graduates are coached to be people-friendly managers with an emphasis on team work. It also endeavours to instil values such as humility, honesty and business ethics to the future managers.

Our educational approach ensures that its graduates are well-rounded, collaborative and competent leaders who have a strong grounding in functional expertise and industry expertise, a global mind-set, and sensitivity to societal issues.


SCAD DOMS to be a contextually-relevant branch with world-class academic standards that develops socially-conscious managers, leaders and entrepreneurs. We are committed to:

  • To excel in management education, research, and training.

  • To Use contemporary participant-centric pedagogies and teaching methods.

  • To go on track with emerging segments of management education.

  • To offer interdisciplinary learning and research in its academic programmes by providing exposure to a format which integrates data, information, tools and techniques, perspectives and concepts, from various basic disciplines aimed at advancing fundamental understanding to solve real life problems.

  • To be one of the fastest growing institutions in terms of introduction of new programmes, infrastructure facilities, strengthening of manpower etc.

  • To provide excellent physical infrastructure for academics, residence and extra-curricular activities as well.

  • To focus on Skill Development Courses that includes Communication, Leadership, Spreadsheet Modelling, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Innovation and Design Thinking and Sustainability, taught in a workshop-based format.

  • Experiential learningStudents visits a company once a month in the MBA the Programme. They are required to carry out a study on various industries and key players in the industry. This enhances their exposure to organizations and provides them a backdrop for analysing the managerial contexts of different cases.

Unique Features of Our Programme

 1. Strategic Leadership

A new approach to leadership, emphasising a proactive, entrepreneurial and responsible way of thinking and acting.

2. Innovation

A focus on innovation to help challenge your assumptions about business models and explore new business ideas. This includes an early assignment engaging with pioneering start-ups and spin-outs.

3. Expertise

Access to highly experienced faculty, particularly from Centres of Excellence in Strategic Leadership, Finance, Innovation Marketing, Operations.

4. Application

Extensive opportunities to apply theory in practice, either through project work based on organisation or through consultancy projects with a company outside of your sector.

5. Influence

Stretch your influencing capability through training in higher-order skills: public speaking, negotiation, facilitation, consulting, crisis-communication and media management. Engage in Boardroom debates on current and critical issues with Company Directors to enhance your powers of argument and persuasion.

6. Network

Study alongside from a wide range of industry sectors and build national networks with the wider MBA and University community.

7. Specialism

Choose from a range of option courses to specialise in aspects of strategy, finance, sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship.

8. Convenience

A learning format that reduces the time spent away from your day-job.

Career focus

An MBA is usually undertaken as a means to progress your career. For some, the objective is to prepare for a step-change into a more senior leadership role. For others, the motivation is to switch sectors or to prepare for establishing their own business. We will work closely with you to understand your career objectives and to help facilitate your next move.

We have an excellent track record in supporting our students to progress in their business career in a wide range of organisations, from start-up ventures to multi-national corporations. Our MBAs have progressed to senior positions in finance, banking, insurance, consultancy, IT / telecommunications, government / public sector, professional services, retailing, construction, energy / utilities, education, food / drink, healthcare, leisure, manufacturing, marketing, media / arts, pharmaceuticals, property management and logistics. Around 10% of MBA graduates set up their own businesses.

We recognise the scale of the investment you are making in your MBA and we will work closely with you to help facilitate your next career move. We provide a range of services to support you.

1. Dedicated MBA careers advisors

We recently expanded our support team to include career advisors who manage skills and career development services, provide tailored advice and enlist the support of outside specialists.

2. Skills and career sessions

We provide workshops on CV-writing, assessment centres, competency-based interviews and Linked-in Profiling.  We also arrange for specialist advisors to present sector-specific career talks (e.g. on finance and consultancy).

3. Alumni connections

We have access to a powerful and warm network of numerous MBA alumni who can be invaluable when building connections to new companies or in new countries.

4. Strong Placement Cell

An inter-disciplinary placement cell with a high profile team that has a wonderful record of placing students at reputed 

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