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Government Scholarships


- Candidates who are citizens of India and who have obtained a minimum of 60% of marks in school leaving examination, namely Matriculation/Higher Secondary/ Indian School certificate Examination etc., are eligible for the scholarship. The scholar should maintain 90% attendance every year.

-  Th e  s c h o l a r  s h o u l d  n o t  b e  i n  r e c e i p t  o f  a n y o t h e r scholarships/assistance from any other sources. The scholar can however accept the adhoc monetary help from the state government or any other source for meeting the expenses of boarding and lodging in addition to the scholarship amount paid under schemes.

- The awarding of scholarship is subject to good conduct and regularity of the student and should be renewed every year on promotion. The renewal application should be submitted before 15th July every year.

-The educational concessions available to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes are also extended to Christian converts from those communities.As per GO MS.NO.6, ADTW Dept. dated, 09.01.2012, SC/ST students, including Christians, get the total tuition fees as scholarship, if their parents' annual income does not exceed Rs.2.5 lakh for SC/STand Rs.2 lakh for SC converted christians. This facility is applicable for the students who are admitted under Management Quota as well as under Counseling Quota. Education fee forSC/STstudents Reimbursement of education fee scheme for the institution is available for SC/ST students who will be admitted both through single window counseling and management quota whose parental annual income does not exceed Rs.2, 50,000/- and Rs 2,00,000 for SCC.50 BC/MBC SCHOLARSHIPS ELIGIBILITY - PRESCRIBED BY THE GOVT. OF TAMILNADU.

- The candidate should belong to Tamil Nadu and to the Backward or Most Backward, denoti?ed communities so recognized by the government of Tamilnadu. The annual income of the parents or the Guardian should not exceed Rs.2,00,000/-The awarding of scholarship is subject to good conduct and regularity and should be renewed every year on promotion.

-  The students who are eligible shall obtain the prescribed application form from the Principal's of?ce and submit the same along with necessary enclosure before the stipulated date. Noti?cation will be given well in advance and nature of scholarship and last date will be displayed on the notice board. Additional information about this scholarship can be had from the concerned staff in the college in the Administrative office.

- The students admitted under the Management Quota are not eligible for these scholarships. These scholarships are available to only those students who have been admitted under Government Quota.